Airports benefit from thought provoking presentations on emerging UK Airspace Policy and Airspace Change Regulations; is your airport ready to adapt to the proposed changes?

Cyrrus has invested a great deal of time into understanding the impact of emerging Department for Transport UK Airspace Policy and the soon to be revised CAA ACP process (captured in CAP725). Although this policy is still under consultation, it is expected that much of it will emerge in early 2018 intact and that the CAA will duly expect Change Sponsors to meet the new and more demanding requirements.

Last week, representatives from Doncaster Sheffield, Humberside and Chester Hawarden Airports attended a 2-day workshop at Cyrrus House at which 3 presentations were delivered generating a great deal of intelligent discussion. The presentations covered; an insight into ‘Industry Best Practice’ on Public Consultation, a detailed look at the proposed Department for Transport’s Airspace Policy Document and Air Navigation Document, CAP1498 ‘Definition of Overflight’ and finally a review of how future ACPs will need to be conducted to comply with the proposed CAP725. The immediate feedback was very positive and those who attended went away with a much greater understanding of the proposals and the significant impact they will have. If you have concerns about the impact of these changes on your operation, contact Cyrrus; we have the expertise and experience to guide you through these uncertain times.