The environment for the supply of Air Navigation Services (ANS) to airports in the UK has undergone a marked change over recent years. The introduction of competition in Terminal Air Navigation Services has resulted in the achievement of operational cost efficiencies for many airport operators.

Fundamental to the selection of this key service provider is a robust, transparent, traceable and effective procurement process. One which captures the airport’s operational requirements within clear and precise procurement documentation design.

To meet this need Cyrrus, along with our partner Northstar, developed an OJEU Compliant Procurement Process which is unique in its application in the UK. The process has been refined and enhanced over five separate procurement cycles to a point where the process is capable of being executed stand alone, or integrated within client procurement process, aligned as required to airport governance and project controls.

With over five years’ experience in running this process for our clients, we have received laudable praise from both airports we have assisted and the ANS providers involved, for the clarity of process, concise requirements and the performance of the tendering process.

We can tailor and deploy our process and expertise rapidly to meet client requirements worldwide and can provide valuable insight into the competitive and supplier transition process. Contact us now to find out how we can help drive operational cost efficiencies in this vital area of your airport operation.