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Development in the vicinity of airports must be controlled to ensure that the safety and effectiveness of air operations are not impaired. Therefore, it is essential that any proposed building developments are assessed to ensure that there is no adverse effect on the airport operation or aircraft safety.

Technical Safeguarding

Cyrrus uses highly advanced software to enable computer simulations of Instrument Landing System, Very High Frequency Omni-directional Range, Distance Measuring Equipment and radar performance. The resulting modelling enables us to assess the effect of proposed developments on air operations, and to offer mitigation to allow maximum development to be undertaken without compromising aviation safety and efficiency.

Obstacle Safeguarding

Cyrrus utilises 3D computer modelling of the obstacle environment to assess the effect of proposed developments on Obstacle Limitation Surfaces and Instrument Flight Procedures. Cyrrus also develops bespoke safeguarding criteria and maps for airports and facility operators. Advanced graphics are used to create easily interpreted user-friendly presentations.


Obstacle Limitation Surface
Instrument Flight Procedure



Glint and Glare

Solar power


Very High Frequency
Ultra High Frequency

Navigation Systems

Instrument Landing System
Distance Measuring Equipment
Very High Frequency Omni-directional Range
Tactical Air Navigation
Non-Directional Beacon
Ground Based Augmentation System
System Performance Modelling
Critical Sensitive Areas

Surveillance Systems

Primary Surveillance Radar
Secondary Surveillance Radar
Surface Movement Radar
Precision Approach Radar
Direction Finder


Line of Sight
Lights Likely to Cause Confusion


Obstacle Limitation Surface
Instrument Flight Procedure
Critical/Sensitive Areas

Why choose Cyrrus for your Safeguarding needs?

  • Cyrrus has a wealth of experience in safeguarding projects.
  • We are internationally recognised and respected for our expertise in aviation safeguarding.
  • Cyrrus uses modelling and computer simulation to determine the effects of development and, if required, how these effects can be mitigated.
  • We have provided aviation safeguarding services to numerous airports, developers and Air Navigation Service Providers in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.