Seamless Integration – Not an Impossible Task

Whenever faced with merging two enterprises in business, no matter the industry, the management team always aim for ‘seamless integration’; but what is understood by the term? With people, it would be bringing together disparate groups into a homogenous and equal association. Easier said than done, as life and business is extremely complex. To achieve successful integration involves detailed planning and execution, leader development and support, retention of the right people, re-designing an appropriate organisation, aligning cultures and communicating effectively.

Cyrrus Radar Mitigation Technology Overview

Both offshore and land based wind turbines are an essential part of Green Energy policy. Obtaining planning permission for wind farms is often difficult due to objections from nearby airports and airfields; the rotating turbine blades are detected by surveillance radars and are difficult to filter due to characteristics similar to that of aircraft.

Athens International Airport – Maintenance Support


To support the day-to-day operations of Athens International Airport, a Radar Data Distribution System (RDDS) and Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control System (ASMGCS) provide real-time information on aircraft movements via remote data displays to the staff in the ASOC. This information provides enhanced situational awareness to allow staff to deliver the best operational efficiency.

London Luton Airport – Emergency Voice Communication System Replacement


At the Airport, Cyrrus identified the ageing EVCS as one of the top priorities for replacement. The requirement to meet Civil Aviation Authority 8.33kHz regulations and provision of new radios provided an opportunity to undertake a full Emergency communications project.

Norwich International Airport – Managing The New Surveillance Radar System

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A Council led development, close to Norwich Airport, had the potential to cause unacceptable performance loss to the existing primary radar. Due of the age of the equipment, relocation was not considered possible and a new surveillance system was required.

Chester Hawarden Airport – Instrument Landing System Project

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In early 2012 Airbus Operations Limited, as part of their on-going development programme at Hawarden Airport, engaged Cyrrus to define, develop and manage the replacement of the Instrument Landing System (ILS) and Distance Measuring Equipment (DME) on Runway 22.

Birmingham Airport – Communications, Navigation and Surveillance System Specifications

Cyrrus was delighted to work with Birmingham Airport to generate the user, technical and process requirements for new and legacy Communications, Navigation and Surveillance Systems Procurement for the Airport’s new Control Tower Building.