Airport Development

Airports need to constantly develop and expand in a controlled and sustainable manner to meet increasing traffic demand. Cyrrus expertise can play a vital role in ensuring that airport development potential is maximised. Development and progress may be achieved either through better use of existing assets and infrastructure, or by realising the full benefits of new development and technology.

Maximising Potential

Whatever the development needs of the airport, Cyrrus can ensure that maximum benefit is derived in terms of safety, regulatory compliance, efficiency, cost, sustainability, timescales, and future proofing.

Minimising Risk

Cyrrus leads carefully managed, industry best practice processes to capture accurate operational, user, technical and safety requirements to ensure project risk is minimised and maximum benefits realised; considering at all times, the potential commercial impact.


Safety Management System
Safety Cases
Safety Audit
Safety Training
Risk Assessments

Runway Optimisation

Declared Distances
Runway End Safety Area
Aircraft Performance
Obstacle Restrictions

Capacity Studies


Air Navigation Service Provider

Air Traffic Control Requirements
Air Traffic Engineering Requirements
Tender Process
Contract Requirements

Building Development

Maximising Potential:

Design Advice
Control Tower Building Design

Airport Planning

Runway Design
Taxiway Design
Apron Design
Control Tower Building Design
Control Tower Building Location
Rescue and Fire Fighting Service Location
Building Locations
Airside Facilities

Aeronautical Ground Lighting

Precision Approach Path Indicator


Communication, Navigation and Surveillance
Tender Packs
Tender Evaluation
Contract Negotiation

Why choose Cyrrus for your Airport Development needs?

  • We have a wealth of experience in Airport Development Projects.
  • We are recognised and respected internationally for our expertise in airport project management.
  • Through innovation, Cyrrus has successfully assisted many airports in maximising the utilisation of their existing infrastructure.
  • By innovative means, we have facilitated development at airports which would be denied by conventional thinking.
Cyrrus’ team of aviation consultants were the first to successfully demonstrate site feasibility for a planned international airport. Where other rival firms had failed, Cyrrus’ team of aviation experts not only met this challenge but surpassed it, by delivering a compelling solution for enabling the airport build. For me, this reinforces their world-class pedigree in aviation consultancy.
CEO, The Whitelake Consortium